Perception, Deception, and public opinion

The public health professionals have legitimacy inferred by their positions. The assumption is that “they know better”; their work is for the greater good, improving the quality of life in general.

There has been much public and private money spent on confusing the public and circumventing State and Federal laws by anti-tobacco zealots and white paper writers who benefit from Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, taxes, and grant money

For example, here is how much each County in California has received since 1999

See: Not Blowing Smoke

See: A Billion Lives Documentary – 2016

Not everyone has easy access to healthcare and guidance to navigate the health system that is supposed to guide you to the services you need and can afford.

In fact, there is so much confusion and conflicting information on a wide range of subjects and services that even the employees are not able to give prompt and accurate information.

Even if your healthcare is not a burden to afford, it is still problematic to get your needs met.

If you live in a semi-rural or lightly populated county or region, your choices are also limited by geography and the chronic lack of GP’s, specialists and services in a timely manner. Considering the huge investment in time, money and debt servicing to achieve accreditation in one’s field has become a major bottleneck for both patients, clients and medical personnel to give the common care in a timely manner. While technically services exist, getting seen, evaluated, and dealing with payment are hurdles to effective treatment of even the basic level of care and prevention. The majority of the population has to weigh the costs of getting treatment that it often ends up being held off as long as possible before seeking treatment when it hits crisis level.

This is a chronic condition that has created unprecedented number of treatable ailments to fester until it hits crisis. While western medicine has made incredible leaps in trauma treatment, case management is lax.

Taking a more holistic approach to individuals with chronic illnesses is on the rise, but getting proper case management is next to impossible for fixed income or HMO clients.

There is a group of Health Care Professionals who have taken the time to do the footwork, ask the right questions and advocate for their patients:

Global Forum on Nicotine – since 2014!

Medical Organisations supporting Vaping and Electronic cigarettes (back in 2015- there’s a lot of info and contacts on this site)