VCW 2014 My highlights from VCW 2014 organized by GrimmGreen.

This was my first meet/con EVAR. After three years of solo vaping, I finally completed my noob checklist on my vaping journey.

I have a terrible memory and I have trouble putting things in chronological order.

Part of the event is the traveling. The journey. We were lucky~ no hassles on the way except for a heavy rain cell just before Reno. We take the scenic route which is very simple: Hwy 20 from Upper Lake, CA to I-80 near Tahoe National Forest. That’s it!

While my car, Mr Poopy can only climb steep grades at about 45 mph., he gets the job done otherwise.

Some of the most striking visuals to me is still the area around Cache Creek. The extreme erosion exposes the sea floor uplift in an unreal extreme. Also, the charred trunks of trees left by the Wye Fire. The dark green shoots in the rice fields in Yolo County. The wildflowers still blooming around the summit, (Donner, 7239 ft).

I haven’t been to the Peppermill for at least 15 years. It has been completely remodeled and tripled in size. Getting checked in was hectic-glad I checked out the place ahead of time and noted the auto check-in/out kiosks! By now, all the peace we had achieved from our drive was long gone.

All those karate minions were SO FRIKKEN annoying. Like tribbles, 1,2, or 3 is cute. 4 is challenging more is just fucking nuts.

The ones in the room next to ours were literally bouncing off the walls from the beds. And screaming.

Like most expectations, mine were thwarted when it came to being able to relax in a pool. Parents were hopeless at maintaining any decorum regarding their precious little tribbles.

We arrived on Thursday and had time to get acquainted with the place. I rented a scooter for the rest of our stay. It is a hike to get from point A to point B, and the unhelpful maps do not explain the elevator/floor transfer points. God help someone wheelchair bound or in a cast! Even the staff didn’t know where/how to navigate.

Friday’s set up time was chaotic. The hotel staff had to sift through tons of boxes to find the right ones and schlep them from one end of the bldg to the Capri Room. After the usual shifting and sorting, things got settled and folks came to check it out.

I was honored to sit at the CASAA booth and be the Merch Chick. It was a fantastic opportunity to do something more tangible for CASAA and get to know Ron and Alex much better. [#tagsup !]

The management was looking very nervous as the haze grew. The feedback from the staff was very positive- they were delighted with the lack of irritation like they would experience with heavy smokers in the same type of setting.

Best part, after I went off by myself, the Peppermill workers were coming up to me to ask more about vaping and share their mishaps with crappy cig-alikes and CE4’s. My hope is that things went well and will leave a positive attitude towards vapers and being vaper friendly in the future. Good PR!