What is Vaping

What is vaping?

Using e-cigarettes or devices that make a mist instead of second-hand smoke. “E-cigarette” does not use all of the tobacco leaf; it is a purified extract of the plant.

Liquid nicotine (especially USP grade) is a far different nicotine source than actual tobacco leaves. USP grade liquid nicotine is purified in a lab. Tobacco leaves themselves have many more chemicals that the purified extract. When ignited, the leaves create many NEW and MORE dangerous chemicals. Nicotine is found in all the plants and veggies in the Nightshade family:

vegetables containing nicotine

Short version:

A vaping device, e-liquid, and power source (rechargeable battery, and/or USB port).


cig-alike to eGO style

Open and closed vape device systems- one you can fill, one comes pre-filled.

smoke free info = detailed explanation of e-cigarette use and terminology courtesy of Cherri Clements Kelley Hughes


For me, I spend about $5/week to vape. I was smoking about 15-20 American Spirit Regulars a day smoker.


Clearomizer/atomizer w/built-in heating coil: $1-5 [lasts 3-4 weeks].

My tank holds 2.6 ml and I fill it 1 – 2 times per day [ e-liquid is approx. $ .50-$1 per ml]

The rechargeable battery can be re-used 300-500 times. The Standard size 510/ eGO pen[450 mA]  lasts four hours of continual use. With mechanical (fully manual) or advanced mods (LED readout with auto and manual settings; built-in safety features), you are able to use bigger batteries for longer life between charges. Please note that the size of battery = battery life, not power. See  this link to learn about battery discharge rates, safety, and more.

Manual vape devices require a learning curve- don’t start out with a mech mod!

HEAVY SMOKERS WILL SAVE $$ -yes, this claim is one I back by doing some maths.


What’s in it?

  • The e-liquid is a combo of PG, and/or VG, water, food grade flavoring: Propylene Glycol is used in many foods and drinks, and is used as a flavor carrier. It is also an Asthma Inhalers main ingredient. The more VG, the more plume.
  • You choose from 0 to 24mg of nicotine strength.
  • Flavors range from sweet pipe tobacco to desserts, fruits, candy, what have you.

Cost Over Time

As with anything else, you pay more for convenience.

Disposables e-cigs do not need to be charged or filled before use. They are the most expensive to use and least effective vaping device. About a pack and a half worth of average cigarettes. Do note that the vapor produced is less than using a true vaping device model.

In other words, the upfront cost is higher than two cartons of the cheapest cigarettes, but the continuing cost is much cheaper- I figure I spend $5/week for e-liquid and atomizer coil, compared to $7.50 x4 ($35) for a pack of American Spirits. And no ash, burn holes, tobacco crumbs or stink.

Vaping and the American community developed on the East Coast roughly around 2006 as it had made its way across Western Europe where it had already garnered a sizable following.

My goals include continuing to cultivate lifestyle changes to lessen the effects of anxiety and depression. I have also observed the struggle of quitting tobacco products often is for committed users. Smoking cessation methods are not always enough to make the lifestyle change. The habit of having a cigarette in your hand while you socialize, concentrate etc. is not going to be replaced with chewing on on a pencil.

For me and those who struggle daily with anxiety disorders, the object in my hand helps me to fidget less, To stay “grounded”. For the pleasure. As anxiety builds, unless you catch the warning signals of shallow breathing, irritation and other mental and physical effects you can be stuck in a stressful situation that will that will be very difficult to defuse and ride out.


Vape, to vape, vaping

the use of a handheld device (not just a cylinder) to inhale the heated (not burned) vapors from a flavored liquid that may or may not contain USP liquid nicotine. E-cigarette use. Committed users are called Vapers.

Tank or Clearomizer:

The parts include an atomizer, a stem with or w/out wicks, plastic, pyrex, steel material for filling chamber and a removable tip. Usually see-through for instantly seeing how much is left to use. Clean with dishsoap and hot water for hygiene (would you drink out of the same cup day after day?) and to prolong the life of the atomizer.


A little easier to use than a tank and has a short life. Can be pre-filled. Yields about a pack + worth of puffs.


Housing with a heating coil. Some are built-in, some can have the individual coils replaced.


Also called e-juice. A variety of flavors and nicotine level combined with either PG/Propylene GlycolVG/Vegetable Glycerin.   PG is watery and carries the flavor and give “throat hit”; glycerin is syrupy and creates “cloud.” How much of each depends on what you prefer: more plume or more flavor.

Dripping (RDA’s, RTA’s): 

The method of dripping e-liquid directly onto exposed coils with cotton or similar wicking. You will use up a lot of e-liquid this way. I also caution again- there is a learning curve to the mechanics involved. You must learn all that to do it safely.

AFAIK, these are all food grade. I have found VG to be a bit soapy tasting and prefer PG. VG is also thicker. The nicotine is pharmaceutical grade pure-like that used in NRT’s. It is the same type of nicotine used in patches, gums, aerosols, and lozenges.