punitive tax

ANTZ – Preemption-Framework-2012.pdf

So. Here’s the strategy the ANTZ have been using. Not like we didn’t figure it out, but I thought we should read this anyway. Grassroots Change (Formerly ChangeLabs Solutions) has been involved in getting local municipalities to modify their anti-smoking ordinances across the State and the Nation. Here’s the current […]

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UPDATED with Roll Call link!~Vapers in these states, ACTION NEEDED ASAP! WV, CA, FL,WA, AR, MO, MN, AK, CT, HI, MA, NJ, MT, SD, MS, NH, IN, SC, TX, NE, WI | The Vaping Militia

4/14 US Senate/House Democrats who oppose e-cigs issue report “Gateway to Addiction” falsely accusing e-cig companies of target marketing to youth, falsely claim e-cigs are addicting children, and falsely claiming e-cigs are gateways to cigarette smoking. via UPDATED with Roll Call link!!!! Vapers in these states, ACTION NEEDED ASAP! WV, […]

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