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Some hard messages for the tobacco control establishment – Peter Hajek « The counterfactual

Brilliant!! No doubt in my mind – the best speech of the Global Forum on Nicotine conference by far. Professor Peter Hajek uses the conference keynote, the Michael Russell oration, to explain through the work of Michael Russell 1932-2009 and his protégés the case for tobacco harm reduction. He then […]

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Obamacare’s Slush Fund Fuels A Broader Lobbying Controversy

[excerpt] What makes the Prevention and Public Health Fund controversial is its multibillion-dollar size, its unending nature the fund never expires, and its vague spending mandate: any program designed “to improve health and help restrain the rate of, growth” of health-care costs. That can include anything from “pickleball” a racquet […]

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Examples of evidence hunting · Sense about Science

Prateek read claims that vapour from e-cigarettes made MRSA more aggressive. Prateek contacted the study author to Ask for Evidence and received a prompt reply that put media coverage of the research into context.20/05/2014 “I wanted to know more about some research suggesting that vapour from e-cigarettes makes antibiotic-resistant bacteria […]

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