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Tobacco Control leaders and e-cig victimhood with tweets · JonFell73 · Storify

A number of excellent blog articles have already been written in response to the McKee / Chapman / Daube / Glantz letter, including those from @JoLincoln2, @TheRandomVaper and @VapeMeStoopid. via Tobacco Control leaders and e-cig victimhood with tweets · JonFell73 · Storify.   The assbackwards attitude and handling of the […]

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Promoters of FUD: ChangeLab Solutions

ChangeLab has been working tirelessly spoonfeeding misleading and counterfactual information to municipalities in order to get them to amend their existing anti-smoking ordinances to include vaping devices. They supply the template for the city council members/staff to use. They show up at the public meetings and speak about the evils […]

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Stop demonising a potentially useful product for smokers | Comment | Pharmaceutical Journal

[EXCERPT] by Clive Bates The public health proposition is that e-cigarettes can substitute for cigarette use and provide a satisfactory alternative to smoking, with e-cigarette use expected to be at least 20 times safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes[1]. A survey published by Action on Smoking and Health in July 2014[2] […]

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Send a Message to Kamala Harris, CA A. G.-Get Off The Bandwagon!

Shortly after the comment period for the FDA’s proposed deeming tobacco products regulations closed, it was reported that a group of state Attorneys General had submitted a comment to the docket. In their comment, they recommend that the FDA implement regulations that are more strict than what’s proposed in the […]

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Public health officials inadvertently bolstering tobacco market with crackdown on e-cigarettes, analysts say | National Post

[excerpt] The three London-based analysts who wrote the review say they are “more bullish on global tobacco than ever,” citing a variety of factors. One is that the threat to conventional cigarettes from e-cigarettes seems to be shrinking, partly because public-health officials are casting doubt on their safety and restricting […]

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