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ANTZ – Preemption-Framework-2012.pdf

So. Here’s the strategy the ANTZ have been using. Not like we didn’t figure it out, but I thought we should read this anyway. Grassroots Change (Formerly ChangeLabs Solutions) has been involved in getting local municipalities to modify their anti-smoking ordinances across the State and the Nation. Here’s the current […]

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Advocacy Group Praises Legislature for Override of E-Cig Veto  – Bistate Regional Advocates for Vaping Education

Bistate Regional Advocates for Vaping Education BRAVE applauds the Missouri General Assembly for successfully overriding Governor Nixon’s veto of Senate Bill 841. This important legislation bars children from purchasing e-cigarettes and correctly draws a distinction between vapor products and deadly combustible tobacco. “This new law sends the message that Missouri […]

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AVA Responds to R.J. Reynolds’ Attempt to Ban Most E-Cigarettes – The American Vaping Association

WASHINGTON D.C., Sept. 2, 2014 – The American Vaping Association, a leading advocate for the health benefits of e-cigarettes, criticized Big Tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds for attempting to ban most e-cigarettes in comments made to the Federal Drug Administration, which is mistakenly considering classifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products. R.J. Reynolds […]

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Totally Wicked Formally Challenges Tobacco Products Directive | e cig news

[excerpt] Totally Wicked has obtained permission from the UK’s Administrative Court to bring a judicial review action challenging the above, following an Order made by Mr Justice Supperstone on the 31st of July 2014. Permission was obtained after issuing court proceedings against the Secretary of State for Health, which asked […]

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SFATA — Why join this Trade Group

[excerpt] The technique we often see in early market business combinations is called the “Roll-Up.” In this situation, normally, but not always, the stronger companies in an industry will go around purchasing smaller or more niche companies to meet their increasing financial and strategic objectives. In the long term, this […]

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Taxing E-Cigarettes Seems Crazy

So now they want to tax e-cigarettes. Why? I like to think it’s because many people enjoy them. I know lots of folks who swear by them. Liberal elites can’t fathom people making their own choices about what to put in their bodies (conservatives have their own set of issues […]

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SFATA Urges Science-Based Dialogue at Senate Energy & Commerce CommitteeJune 11 Senate Committee Hearing on E-Cigarettes and Vapor Products June 11 2014

[excerpt] Given the rapid expansion of the personal electronic vaporizing (PEV) market, which includes closed tank electronic cigarettes as well as open tank vapor systems, SFATA recognizes the importance of responsible marketing practices for the continued health and growth of the vapor industry. We assist our members in developing good […]

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E-Cigarette (VAP) : Déclaration scientifique sur la Directive tabac européenne | SuperVapoteur

E-Cigarette (VAP) : Déclaration scientifique sur la Directive tabac européenne | SuperVapoteur. Scientific statement on the European tobacco Directive Jacques Le Houezec is a consultant in public health and smoking addiction. Charter member of the SRNT (Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco). Former as European member-delegate. President of the […]

Read More – Official Statement regarding the FDA’s Proposed Deeming Regulations on E-Cigarettes/Vapor Products

As we are sure you have already heard on April 24, 2014, the FDA has publicly announced it proposed deeming regulations for E-cigarettes/Vapor Products. After reading and careful review here is a breakdown of how we at OVAL feel the proposed regulations will affect the future E-cigarette and Vapor Products […]

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