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ANTZ – Preemption-Framework-2012.pdf

So. Here’s the strategy the ANTZ have been using. Not like we didn’t figure it out, but I thought we should read this anyway. Grassroots Change (Formerly ChangeLabs Solutions) has been involved in getting local municipalities to modify their anti-smoking ordinances across the State and the Nation. Here’s the current […]

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The war of FUD upon smokeless alternatives

The media campaign of misinformation to malign and kill off smokeless alternatives <<Note: I didn’t bother with citations, since everything I mention is either right on this site or within a simple search with the search engine of your choice>> [FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt] Since at least 2013, a […]

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Big battles ahead over electronic cigarettes’ safety, regulation – San Francisco Chronicle

[excerpt] The industry group encouraged people who use vapor products to use common sense even in the absence of regulations — meaning, don’t vape on planes and other places where smoking is generally prohibited. But Didak said overly restrictive regulations may create unintended consequences.“If you over-regulate things and are too […]

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Promoters of FUD: ChangeLab Solutions

ChangeLab has been working tirelessly spoonfeeding misleading and counterfactual information to municipalities in order to get them to amend their existing anti-smoking ordinances to include vaping devices. They supply the template for the city council members/staff to use. They show up at the public meetings and speak about the evils […]

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