economic impact

E-Cigarettes Poised to Save Medicaid Billions

Conclusion Policymakers have long sought to reduce the economic damage due to the negative health impact of smoking. They have used tactics ranging from cigarette excise taxes to subsidizing nicotine replacement therapies. To be sure, smoking prevalence has fallen over time, but there is more that can be done, especially […]

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Outreach to LGBT smokers

Opinion | A new approach to tobacco harm reduction [EXCERPT] According to a new study, the most effective method of cigarette cessation might be battery powered: The advent of e-cigarette technology offers a promising—albeit unconventional—approach to tobacco harm reduction. If you question the logic of “e-cigs” as a way to […]

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Snippets with context-CTP methods and practice   While the main stream is still at the early stages of general knowledge of vaping, many in the anti-smoking field  are actively fighting smoke free alternatives like my fave: Personal Vaping Devices. Elected officials are passing judgement and making policy rules on a subject they are uniformed with. […]

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