Propylene Glycol – low toxicity

Addendum for Propylene Glycol – propylene_glycol_addendum.pdf. “Propylene glycol has low toxicity, is not acutely toxic, and does not irritate the skin… Inhalation of the vapors of propylene glycol may present no significant hazard in ordinary applications”

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The efficacy of PG as a germicide

[excerpt] Propylene glycol, the primary ingredient in the electronic cigarette cartridge, may be a powerful deterrent against pneumonia, influenza, and other respiratory diseases when vaporized and inhaled according to a study by Dr. Oswald Hope Robertson. Decades before the e cigarette was invented, a study was conducted by Dr. […]

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Best Quality Wholesale e-liquid

BAE Industries. Welcome to BAE Wholesale – Home of Luxe, Mad Hatter and Cloud Zombies These folks from the South Bay of California are long-time vapers and committed to excellence. They are a vital part of the movement in their area. Integrity matters. Expect the best practices in process, packaging […]

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A dedicated vendor has had it with the whole formaldehyde debacle and has created a parody product Formaldehyde Starting At: $10.95Unlike bad science, with this e-liquid you will really have a formaldehyde vape! Yummy summer strawberry, blueberries, black cherries, and custard is a fruity. creamy perfection! via Formaldehyde – $10.95 […]

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