Big battles ahead over electronic cigarettes’ safety, regulation – San Francisco Chronicle

[excerpt] The industry group encouraged people who use vapor products to use common sense even in the absence of regulations — meaning, don’t vape on planes and other places where smoking is generally prohibited. But Didak said overly restrictive regulations may create unintended consequences.“If you over-regulate things and are too […]

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eBay: Vaping gear not allowed.

Tobacco policy. Not allowed Any item containing tobacco and intended for consumption Blunts or cigar wraps Chewing tobacco Cigarettes (including flavored cigarettes) Cigars Cuban cigars (see our embargoed goods and prohibited countries policy) Dipping tobacco Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and components Herbal cigarettes or herbal tobacco (sometimes called nicotine-free cigarettes or […]

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The European Union ignores science and common sense by making proposals that will damage the health of smokers and vapers

No sitting back and relaxing in the EU for vapers: 11-25-13 In what should be considered as scandalous proposals, the EU Commission has currently prepared a proposal to:1. Ban all refill liquids2. Ban all refillable atomizers3. Ban almost all flavors4. Restrict nicotine levels to 20mg/ml5. Restrict nicotine content per cartridge […]

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