Sept 9 2014 Berkeley City Council Mtg – On banning vaping

People have been asking me what it was in my speech last night in Berkeley that got them to prevent me from speaking more (after time was yielded to me and they said I would get another go at the end of the session). So I’m just posting it here for all to see. The full write-up will have to wait until later today or tomorrow since I also want to include a paired down video of the meeting with just the relevant parts (nobody will sit through 3 hours of that, eh)….

Good evening, members of the city council.

I am here representing the users of vapor products that are unable to be here. I do not receive any benefits, financial or otherwise, to be here. Unlike our opponents of the public hate, sorry, health and tobacco control organizations.

I am here to oppose the ban on the use of vapor products in multi-unit apartments. The last hearing made it clear that your lack of research and decisions are ARBITRARY AND CAPRICIOUS.

Having council member Anderson compare e-cigarettes with CLUSTER BOMBS was bad enough but having council member Wozniak say, and I quote;

“I think there is not much distinction between vapor and smoke”
“A vapor is more transparent through walls and things”
“Propylene Glycol can cause asthma”

This shows a level of ignorance amongst elected officials in the people’s republic of Berkeley that is no different from that of elected officials in Europe in 1938… but that was the republic of Weimar.

Propylene Glycol, Mr. Wozniak, is USED IN ASTHMA INHALERS and not because it CAUSES asthma. “Here, have an asthma inhaler, get yourself some asthma”. Seriously??? Will the council ALSO ban the PG that is inhaled in hospitals through the air ventilation system?

This council is concerned about addiction. Has the council looked at the MSA and Prop 99 MONEY generated by tobacco to which the public health and tobacco control groups that are pushing for this ordinance are EXTREMELY ADDICTED TO? Maybe you SHOULD.

There are over 13.000 small businesses in this emerging industry but only a handful of big tobacco players in this space. Smearing all of them as big tobacco racketeers may lead to a defamation suit.

Comparing the vapor industry with big tobacco is like comparing a nice 5 star meal with a $1 dollar fast food meal. And on that topic, will the council consider banning cooking smells and vapors also?

(((at this point my time was up, time was yielded to me, and the council pulled a fast one on me)))

Why is this council so accepting of public health and tobacco control doing a GLORIFICATION of Professor Glantz. A mechanical engineer with no credibility in this matter and has has stated in the past that supporting questionable science pays for his mortgage?

Has this council ever considered potential conflicts of interest between the Berkeley “quit program” services, grant money, and how supports big pharma’s financial interests? Has any council member received any campaign donations from any such interests?

We urge you to reconsider your ordinance after you have had some time to research this matter in a way that does not make this city the laughing stock of the state, or the country for that matter.

We and others would like to work with you but I think we should first consider dropping this open hostility based on ignorance and ARBITRARY AND CAPRICIOUS decisions.

Thank you for your time.