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As a middle-aged adult, I’ve seen, read, analyzed, discussed, advocate and so on about the issue of combusted tobacco products have on our lives; we are now in transition to liquid nicotine products like never before.

Thank you, for all the people, who ON THEIR OWN TIME, WITH THEIR OWN $$, like me who are fighting the FUD (fear, uncertainly, & doubt) regarding this issue. This issue is about TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION & QUALITY OF LIFE. No matter what the main stream media promotes- like “protecting children” “nicotine is evil” :we don’t know what’s in it” and targeting sin taxes on the adults who choose vaping over smoking.

I think about how many of my favorite writers, artists, and good people have been affected by tar and such from cigarettes, cigars, smoke in general (weed has it’s issues too). It’s not about vaping, it’s about the money. Vaping has been around for years.

The deeper I dig, the better questions I ask.

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