Why I Vape

Short answer:  Because it works and it’s fun!


The results I have received from switching to e-cigs are so significant that I wish to help others discover and find out for themselves if this is useful to them. I make no health claims other than commercial cigarettes contain chemicals that are proven to be toxic and carcinogenic and affects a wide area.

Another point is that while much of the “disruptive technologies” further isolate us from each other, vapers LOVE to socialize.

I have done A LOT of homework on the issue and have become a committed advocate.

It’s a Win-Win for me-

  • I am no longer borderline diabetic: I can vape my favorite flavors instead of eating them
  • I no longer stink up the house, my hair , my clothes, etc.
  • A true alternative to smoking cigarettes w/out all the baggage
  • I have a much more control over how, what and where I vape.
  • I don’t have smoker’s hack, inflamed sinuses and overall improved quality of life.
  • Major decrease in fire hazard which is extremely important where I live!
  • I save money
  • I get a plethora of flavors to try [crafted in the US by small businesses!]
  • I don’t miss anything from smoking commercial tobacco cigarettes.

2011: First cig-alikes. Not satisfied, began looking at A LOT of material on the web, stumbling around, asking questions, learning new lingo and concepts. Latter part of the year, I get my hands on eGO style/510 devices and expand my juice types, FB groups and forums. Like many who make the switch, I was blown away at what ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems) could do for the quality of life in my community, and just not myself. The improvements in my own life were measurable and distinct not only by me, but those around me.

2012: eGO’s got better with the bottom coils, so affordable, so versatile that I was really eager to go further. As I learned more, I became more bewildered at the escalation of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). It was counter-intuitive to the solid data that was pointing more and more to the efficacy and safety of vaping. I began watching more videos, live vapecasts and developing more friendships. My confidence in my own knowledge grew as well.

2013: At this point, I’m getting really frikken mad at the tactics being used to muddy the waters in the ongoing discussion of adults who vape. The whole “protect the children” and “we don’t know what’s in it” and other well known tropes gained more traction as certain anti-nicotine groups spread across the country, picking off municipalities, counties and States with outlandish lies, overreach and hysteria.

By September, my website was up, I had a wholesale # and began shlepping around to area smoke and head shops, trying to get them interested in carrying vape gear. Some smoke shops had some that they bought from places like Alibaba in L. A. and marked up (a lot) but didn’t understand much about vaping. In my own way, I slowly did outreach and worked one-on-one, fumbling around trying to find my way. If it wasn’t for the love and care of my significant other, I wouldn’t of been able to do this on my fixed income.

In October, a brand new vape shop (not a smoke/head shop with some vape gear in it and no help) opened in Lower Lake offering not just gear but guidance as well.

By now my Linked In profile was a few years old. I had been adding to it more often with vaping industry posts and comments. I wasn’t seeing any cohesion between vendors like there is between the folks in the vaping community. I was honored to get an offer to do outside sales for a manufacturer of high quality devices and worked closely with their products until April 2014.

The experience of getting deeply involved in the legislative issues regarding SB1500 in 2014 and SB648 in 2014; SB23 & SB25, Special Session with Health Committee in Aug 2015-NorCal & SoCal finally began to build momentum in advocacy. It was such a relief to not feel so isolated.


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