About Me


My name is Kathleen.

I am past 49 years young. The Bay Area has been my home all of my life. I was born in San Francisco in the mid-sixties on Masonic near Geary Blvd. Adopted as an infant, I grew up in NW Marin County, Novato. Later, at age 13 I moved myself to Petaluma. In 1980, I  made the decision to live in SF after carefully consideration. Spent time in Oakland, on the Estuary and the by Lake Merritt on E 15th late 80’s-’93 and then moved back to SF until 2003.

I have been living in Lakeport in Lake County since 2003.

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Decade of the ’80’s was full of new experiences, a lot of creative powers shared to express ideas and such with kindred spirits. Remember, this is before social media, CD’s and common cell phones, let alone personal computers. All analogue, baba. I became a “Jill of all trades” as far as career is concerned.

As I matured, my life became less chaotic and was in a steady relationship. This relationship brought me out of SF and into the Oakland Estuary living aboard a modest sailboat (29′ Erikson if you must know) aptly christened Turning Point. The fall of ’88 I was distant from my support base and dealt with being pregnant, broke and living in cramped quarters. Happily, my son was born healthy and we lived near Lake Merritt on E.15th St. THAT experience was an education learning intimately about other cultures and not just their food.

I was restless and lonely so I pushed myself to take classes at Laney College. In 1993 we moved back to San Francisco until 2003.  A bunch of stuff like finding my birth-mom, raising a son, moving a few times, leaving my gall bladder at SFGH, open heart surgery, and then saying goodbye to ever being an SF resident again.

Moving to Lake County was a significant transition for a number of reasons. My health improved, my son found others to mess around with sailing, computers and such.  Some days he would go over to the PC/TV repair shop and found a kindred spirit there. All this lead him to the decision to enter the US Navy. He scored high on the entrance test so he qualified to get a great education as a machinist mate. He spent most of the time in VA.

Currently he works in Palo Alto and lives in Oakland.