Here’s an overdue  update on the vaping world – yes the world, not just California or or the USA.

Right now, there is a big conference taking place in Warsaw

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Experts and vendors from all over are meeting and comparing notes on the current state of vaping legislation, latest data and networking of advocates, politicians, researchers, etc.

A new documentary, A Billion Lives has made it’s debut in Europe this month. We ask that you contact Netflix and any other outlets to broadcast it.

Here in the US, the biggest topic of discussion and action is the May 5, 2016 bomb dropped by the FDA regarding Deeming Regulations. 

On June 10, Larry Faircloth (R-WV) began a suite against the FDA Deeming Regs

In California, the Governor, Jerry Brown signed a bill that among other things boosted the age minimum for tobacco (and vape) products to age 21. Any item used for vaping- the device, the batteries, the atomizers, and any other object for vaping is included. The only exception is 0mg e-liquid and NRT’s (Nicotine Replacement Therapies)

ATTN California Vapers : there is a ballot initiative that will levy a 67% tax on vaper products. SFATA representatives Kari Hess (Nor Cal Vape) and Josh Jansen (Modest Elixirs) attended a Hearing on June 14, 2016 in Sacramento.

At this time, the various pro-vaping groups are coming together as a consortium to better function and strengthen both trade and consumer group participation-

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This group includes the trade groups

http://FDARegs.infoa “one-stop” source of information and news about the FDA’s deeming regulation for vapor products and electronic cigarettes.

http://SFATA,org – trade group for North American vendors and stores – Chinese manufacturers – American Vaping Association – e-liquid manufacturers

Consumer Groups (all free to join)

http://casaa.orgConsumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association

I am an active member of the consumer groups and stay abreast of activity in the trade groups. I began as a member of CASAA in 2011.

There are many vaping related groups on Facebook, including my California Vaping Advocacy, Northern California Vaping Advocacy, and my Lake of Vape advocacy group plus my original website, .