ANTZ – Preemption-Framework-2012.pdf

So. Here’s the strategy the ANTZ have been using. Not like we didn’t figure it out, but I thought we should read this anyway. Grassroots Change (Formerly ChangeLabs Solutions) has been involved in getting local municipalities to modify their anti-smoking ordinances across the State and the Nation. Here’s the current […]

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moral crusades | Disrupted Physician

I know, here I am cherry-picking articles of bias, however this is a legitimate question/area of discussion. How to hold public health practitioners accountable for spreading false information to bias their clients. Yes, clients. I haven’t felt like a patient since I moved here. I happen to live in one […]

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Patch didn’t work? Use more – NYTimes 2004

If nicotine is so dangerous, why hasn’t there been a hew and cry about other the counter nicotine replacement therapies such as patches, nasal sprays, gums, and lozenges. Yes, I AM reinforcing my own belief here. Nicotine in and of itself IS NOT very addictive. Nor is it a carcinogen. […]

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Outreach to LGBT smokers

Opinion | A new approach to tobacco harm reduction [EXCERPT] According to a new study, the most effective method of cigarette cessation might be battery powered: The advent of e-cigarette technology offers a promising—albeit unconventional—approach to tobacco harm reduction. If you question the logic of “e-cigs” as a way to […]

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SoCal SFATA- Line In The Sand

E-cig bigwigs reveal plan to SILENCE health critics after raising $110,000 fightback fund in THREE HOURS – Mirror Online [excerpt] The electronic cigarette industry is preparing to launch a legal bid to silence critics who raise “misleading” health concerns about the safety of “vaping”. At a fundraising event in California […]

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