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Allow use of electronic cigarettes to assess risk : Nature News & Comment

While this article doesn’t state anything significantly “new”, it does show that more mainstream media around the world is beginning to allow for discussion aside from named groups like ALA, AHA, ACS, Legacy Foundation et. al. [excerpt] Unanticipated potential risks are being discovered and debated. Studies have shown that e-cigarette […]

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E-Cigarettes and Maintenance Therapy: A Smart Public Health Approach | Drug Policy Alliance

This is a good sign that the common sense vapers have been expressing and documenting is a very practical approach in working on the final %18 of US smokers to “not” [except] Despite these potential health benefits, many public health officials have come out strongly against e-cigarettes see for example, […]

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Advocacy Group Praises Legislature for Override of E-Cig Veto  – Bistate Regional Advocates for Vaping Education

Bistate Regional Advocates for Vaping Education BRAVE applauds the Missouri General Assembly for successfully overriding Governor Nixon’s veto of Senate Bill 841. This important legislation bars children from purchasing e-cigarettes and correctly draws a distinction between vapor products and deadly combustible tobacco. “This new law sends the message that Missouri […]

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Professor: Nicotine does not cause cigarette addiction | The State Press – An independent daily serving Arizona State University

[excerpt] An ASU professor is challenging widely held conceptions about smoking, including challenging the view that nicotine is addictive. Peter Killeen, emeritus professor of psychology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, presented his research findings for the National Institute on Drug Abuse on the Tempe campus Wednesday afternoon. […]

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La Ligue contre le Cancer change d’avis et confirme son intérêt pour la cigarette électronique | Cigarette électronique

[exceprt- note: translation is by Translate add-on for FireFox, not me. The only french I know if from watching Pepe Le Pew cartoons] Memory committed vapoteur there rarely seen it. Founded in 1918, the League against cancer, an association law 1901 recognized of public utility that makes tobacco a constant […]

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