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ACSH – More proof on the LACK of TOXINS [excerpt] ACSH’s Dr. Gil Ross had this perspective: “As more and more science on the lack of harm expected from e-cigs and their vapor come pouring in, it will — I hope — become harder and harder for those who mindlessly or corruptly oppose this lifesaving technology to participate […]

Read More How Can You Help? Donate to our Research Studies The E-Research Foundation is a not for profit organization formed to further advance the scientific study of electronic cigarettes, related products and their use. ERF launches at a point in time when ongoing verifiable research is essential for consumers, the […]

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Allow use of electronic cigarettes to assess risk : Nature News & Comment

While this article doesn’t state anything significantly “new”, it does show that more mainstream media around the world is beginning to allow for discussion aside from named groups like ALA, AHA, ACS, Legacy Foundation et. al. [excerpt] Unanticipated potential risks are being discovered and debated. Studies have shown that e-cigarette […]

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