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Dr Farsolinos- liquids for ecigs -far lower in toxins

March 2015 CONCLUSIONS: NET liquids contained higher levels of phenols and nitrates, but lower levels of acetaldehyde compared to conventional EC liquids. The lower levels of tobacco-derived toxins found in NET liquids compared to tobacco products indicate that the extraction process used to make these products did not transfer […]

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E-cigs & smoking cessation: evidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis. – PubMed – NCBI

[excerpt] RESULTS: Six studies were included involving 7,551 participants. Meta-analyses included 1,242 participants who had complete data on smoking cessation. Nicotine filled e-cigarettes were more effective for cessation than those without nicotine (pooled Risk Ratio 2.29, 95%CI 1.05-4.97). Amongst 1,242 smokers, 224 (18%) reported smoking cessation after using nicotine-enriched e-cigarettes […]

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State health agency does Big Tobacco’s dirty work on e-cigarettes – The Orange County Register

[This is an ASTOUNDING editorial considering that the OC PHS spent no small amount on their own misinformation campaign aimed at young adults last year. I am writing to thank them for doing their OWN research to reach their own conclusions.] March 26, 2015 War was declared in early January, […]

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Mr Bates – Comments on Canadian Vape Framework

Mr Bates is tireless in his ongoing analysis of regulatory moves across the globe. North American health professionals are still learning the difference between smoke v. vapor; nicotine extract v. tobacco leaf. Low and behold, our neighbors to the North are drafting a common sense approach. ——– Some good news […]

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