Send a Message to Kamala Harris, CA A. G.-Get Off The Bandwagon!

Shortly after the comment period for the FDA’s proposed deeming tobacco products regulations closed, it was reported that a group of state Attorneys General had submitted a comment to the docket. In their comment, they recommend that the FDA implement regulations that are more strict than what’s proposed in the […]

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[excerpt] As many readers know, the World Health Organization (WHO) came out this week with an attack on e-cigarettes which presages them trying to pressure governments into acting against e-cigarettes. CASAA has not tried to address this in detail because (a) most of what we would have to say is […]

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E-cigarettes: no indoor smoking ban planned in England despite WHO call | Society | The Guardian

[excerpt] Ministers will not ban e-cigarettes indoors in England, despite the World Health Organisation urging governments to do so to combat the threat posed by the growing popularity of vaping. The Department of Health (DH) made clear that it does not plan to outlaw the use of the increasingly popular […]

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