National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Report Recognizes that Vapor Products Are Significantly Less Harmful than Traditional Combustible Cigarettes | The Continuum of Risk

The Report, which was the result of the Committee’s review of over 800 articles identified from a massive literature search of six different databases, noted that the Committee found sufficient literature to suggest that, “while there are risks associated with e-cigarettes, compared with combustible tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes contain fewer toxicants; […]

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Military health officials: No deaths from vaping

In Monday’s warning, the Army said synthetic cannabinoid oils have been associated with serious medical effects ranging from headache, nausea, vomiting and palpitations to dizziness, disorientation and seizures. The Army prohibits soldiers from using cannabidiol and other substances derived from marijuana, so many soldiers have turned to synthetic oils instead. […]

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Vaping Litigation – Pacific Legal Foundation

What’s at stake? Rule-makers need to follow the rules: Under the Constitution, issuing regulations is the job of appointed officials who answer to the democratic process, not unelected career bureaucrats. This vaping rule was issued by such a bureaucrat in violation of the Constitution. The vaping edict flouts the First […]

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Reasoned responses to common vaping myths

Carl Phillips has been taking the time to parse the Studies, Reports, and media regarding the use of e-cigarettes for years. He’s a great person to “go-to” and get thoughtful insights into the backstories and methodologies.

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Vaping Causes ‘Popcorn Lung’?

Snopes updated it’s article on the mythical Popcorn Lung syndrome (from vaping) on Nov 12, 2017 Moreover, a separate study about occupational popcorn lung published in 2012 paradoxically held that non-smokers may be at higher risk for popcorn lung than smokers are: The 2015 research from Harvard omitted comparison to a […]

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Satire Comedy about vaping points to real issues

Recently, both Portlandia and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee have done bits on the douchebaggery Bro-ham side of the vaping world. I’ve seen posts that were very dirisive, especially about Sam B’s piece on a vape expo. It’s made many earnest vape advocates upset. Personally, I am glad they were […]

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