E-cig Laws List – ecigslaws.pdf

E-cig Laws List – ecigslaws.pdf. As of October 2013 The biggest issue is distinguishing the difference between second-hand smoke and vapor from vaping devices. some get hung up on flavors, on device shapes, the nicotine. Second-hand smoke, involuntary exposure to it is the biggest issue by far.

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An example of why you need to ck your source

While vaping is not without some kind of risk, the studies that are often used to prove/disprove a hypothesis can be misleading by context: The researchers looked at about 2,500 people who called smoking cessation hotlines, and followed up with them seven months later. Among the participants, 30 percent reported […]

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Testing the amount of harm reduction in a lab 2012

Table 4. Concentrations (μg/m³) of selected compounds during the 8-m³ emission test chamber measurement of e-cigarette A and conventional cigarette using Tenax TA and DNPHCompounds CAS Participant blank E-cigarette Conventional cigarette Liquid 1 Liquid 2 Liquid 3 aQuantified on the basis of toluene response. bDNPH method. via Does e-cigarette consumption […]

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Choices of Primary Batteries

Choices of Primary Batteries – Battery University. Choosing batteries, comparing them and understanding their properties is a confusing process. This site makes it much easier to understand the difference, to identify what kind you need or already have. Myself, I did it the messy way by picking up info here […]

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