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Mission Viejo City Council approves e-cigarette shop – The Orange County Register

The Planning and Transportation Commission in June issued a permit for South County Vapors to operate an e-cigarette shop on Via Fabricante. Councilwoman Rhonda Reardon appealed that decision, citing “the health and safety issues” related to e-cigarettes – battery-powered devices designed to vaporize a liquid that typically includes nicotine. However, […]

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SFATA — Why join this Trade Group

[excerpt] The technique we often see in early market business combinations is called the “Roll-Up.” In this situation, normally, but not always, the stronger companies in an industry will go around purchasing smaller or more niche companies to meet their increasing financial and strategic objectives. In the long term, this […]

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UPDATED with Roll Call link!~Vapers in these states, ACTION NEEDED ASAP! WV, CA, FL,WA, AR, MO, MN, AK, CT, HI, MA, NJ, MT, SD, MS, NH, IN, SC, TX, NE, WI | The Vaping Militia

4/14 US Senate/House Democrats who oppose e-cigs issue report “Gateway to Addiction” falsely accusing e-cig companies of target marketing to youth, falsely claim e-cigs are addicting children, and falsely claiming e-cigs are gateways to cigarette smoking. via UPDATED with Roll Call link!!!! Vapers in these states, ACTION NEEDED ASAP! WV, […]

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Managing the lithium (ion) battery fire risk

While wandering the thru the interwebz highway today after seeing another mobile phone battery fire story,  I found this site that addresses Li-on batteries and how to deal with them safely. The gist: Keep them cool– avoid keeping them in pockets close to your body, especially in warm weather. Keep […]

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Flavor Pairing – What Goes Good Together?

Flavor Pairing – What Goes Good Together?. Once you begin your journey with vaping and get comfortable with the hardware, next comes the e-liquid. There are SO many choices to make! Like wines, consider pairings. Since you have improved your sense of taste again, give it a workout. E-liquids come […]

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The Electronic Cigarette Industry Group, Inc.

American E-Liquid Manufacturing Association: American National Standards Institute: Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco: International Standardization Organization: Underwriters Laboratories: via The Electronic Cigarette Industry Group, Inc..

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