Now that I have most things in place, I am ready to move forward with this project.

I am sure most people have heard some version of Joseph Campbells famous quote: Follow your bliss.
I call Lakeport Laidbackport because life moves slower than metro areas but just under suburban traffic.

Three blocks from the largest fresh water lake in CA (Tahoe spans CA & NV) and possibly the oldest on the continent has worked out to be a good good thing.

One of the first major freakouts was access to bandwidth. Going from being an active member of The Golden Gate Computer Users Group and among the first 33,000 sDSL home customers in 1999…waaaay back when it was Pacific Bell…

In the summer of 2003, the only choices were crappy sattelite, dial-up, or Mediacom Cable. Using Mediacom was awful compared to my setup in SF. Expensive, and you could only have ONE user on at a time. No more playing WoW w/my son!

A couple years later, brought my starving mind sDSL. Halleluah. I have had no cause to ever switch. Most excellent customer service and support; community-minded.