Nicotine Metabolites…

Nicotine Metabolites: JD: What metabolites of nicotine re formed within the body, after it has been metabolised. JLH: There are different metabolites, but the most important one, in quantities, is cotinine which has almost no pharmacological properties, at least in terms of addiction. Nicotine is transformed into cotinine for about […]

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New Vape Lounge in Isla Vista, CA!

According to Turner, student reception for the shop has been fairly positive, with customers praising the store for its services such as free juice sampling and free Wi-Fi. Despite the positive comments, however, Turner said the shop has garnered criticism from members of the university and surrounding community. “The reception […]

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NEJM: insight into the narrowness of public health views about THR | Anti-THR Lies and related topics

Vaping does, of course, normalize tobacco use while further helping to denormalize smoking. The anti-tobacco extremists object to this because a it tends to denormalize smoking without demonizing tobacco users, which is what they really are seeking to do, cloaking it in the nicer-sounding word, and b they do not […]

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