FDA PTMA update Dec 2016

Alex Clark This only changes the product registration deadline. August 8th, 2016 is still the cutoff for new products to be introduced w/out filing a PMTA right away. In fact, if you re-read the second to last sentence in this announcement, it says “…companies which begin manufacturing newly regulated tobacco […]

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NFPA report – The Smoking-Material Fire Problem

One of the main reasons I was drawn to vaping was the reduction of fire hazard- California, especially in NorCal, has been subject to huge widlfires over the last three years.This NFPA report includes analysis of fires involving smoking materials (i.e., tobacco products), including recent trends, data from other countries, […]

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Right To Vape: Advocacy Groups Launch Campaign and National Tour 

According to the Right To Vape Organisation, The Right to Vape Tour is “a nationwide grassroots campaign and bus tour led by a coalition of small businesses, consumers, trade associations, and public policy organizations. The Right to Vape coalition is organizing a series of press conferences, rallies, and town halls […]

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E-cigarettes a public health breakthrough 

We need to look at the totality of the science, as has the Royal College of Physicians. People who pick information to fit an ideological agenda rather than use facts to inform their opinions are a threat to health when they perpetuate smoking. Dr. Noseworthy fell into that trap. She […]

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Study Shatters Idea to Include Vaping In St Louis Ordinance

The article reports findings of the 2015 Monitoring the Future Survey, which surveyed 15,000 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students about their vaping experiences.  For the first time in the survey’s history, students who reported prior usage of a vapor product were asked what substance they inhaled the last time […]

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