February 27, 2018

ACS tepid update on vaping

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Technically, when reading the new and somewhat improved position statement, you could easily argue that ACS will support your quit attempts using e-cigarettes while they ensure they are taxed to the point of industry destruction, only available to those 21 years or over, are only available in tobacco flavors, and may require you to go through extreme lengths to obtain one.

Furthermore, the new position and encouragement for the FDA to continue regulations to the fullest extent imply that ACS supports products that were available before the predicate date of 2007 while still funding and engaging on fear mongering in public regarding the product category in an attempt to dissuade smokers from trying electronic cigarettes.

In late 2017, Philip Morris International (PMI) announced its desire to stop selling combustible cigarettes. This was quickly met with a letter from 95 different health groups demanding that PMI immediately stop selling cigarettes if a smoke-free world is truly its intention. ACS was one of the signatories of that letter. Should this mean we, in kind, urge ACS to immediately stop funding and supporting bad legislation?

In conclusion, a change in position, one that needed to happen sooner or later as it becomes embarrassing to continue to argue with mounting scientific evidence on the reduced harm provided via vapor products, does notautomatically mean it comes with a change in efforts towards bad policies. As always, the door continues to be open to ACS to engage in meaningful and serious dialogue with us, and other harm reduction, smoke-free and vapor organizations.

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