January 11, 2018

Zenith Tank – Innokin

Mouth-To Lung:  When you first look into switching to vaping, a lot of new terms, part names and lingo will be part of the learning curve.

If you are new to the concept of vaping devices, the easiest to use and maintain are refillable tanks w/ premade coils and atomiser v. rebuildable coil jobs that you build yourself (RTA). to couple with whatever battery body you choose. (Starter Kits come with both a tank and a body with a re-chargeable battery/s slot).

Mouth-to-Lung v. Direct-To-Lung:

If you are the competitive type and you plan on having little to zero nicotine in your e-liquid of choice, cloud chasing belongs to the realm of DTL. E-liquid especially blended for DTL will be 100% glycerine, be very sweet flavors.

In my case, my satisfaction doesn’t come in the size of my cloud, but it the nic level and flavor of my e-liquid. Thus, I’m a 100% MTL.

MTL- you hold the the inhalation in your mouth before drawing fully into your lungs. The vape gets to say “hi” to your tongue before hitting your lungs.

Top ‘o the line MTL Tank:

Source: Zenith Tank – Innokin

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