November 14, 2017

Vaping Causes ‘Popcorn Lung’?

Snopes updated it’s article on the mythical Popcorn Lung syndrome (from vaping) on Nov 12, 2017

Moreover, a separate study about occupational popcorn lung published in 2012 paradoxically held that non-smokers may be at higher risk for popcorn lung than smokers are: The 2015 research from Harvard omitted comparison to a far larger and more established control group of smokers when asserting concerns about diacetyl, popcorn lung, and e-cigarettes. Prior research into tobacco cigarettes (which contain measurably higher levels of diacetyl and are more commonly used than e-cigarettes) determined that smoking is not a risk factor for popcorn lung, so the lower concentrations of diacetyl in e-cigarette juices are not likely a risk factor in popcorn lung.

Source: Vaping Causes ‘Popcorn Lung’?

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