Monthly Archives: May 2017

Spring Cleaning

Thanks for dropping by! I’m re-doing my site, so be a little patient with the fugly look. All the content is here- key word search in the box for stuff. Her’s a kitteh pic to cheer up your day

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Vaping shown not a gateway to smoking   Highlights • E-cig and cigarette use has not been studied in college students longitudinally. • Ever and current e-cig use increased non-smokers chances of trying cigarettes. • Historically internalizing/externalizing factors predict cigarette uptake strongly. • Most internalizing/externalizing factors examined did not predict e-cig uptake. • Males and marijuana […]

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THRA Annual Vaping Survey

This is from Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada Open to all This survey is designed to enable us: *Understand what vapers and the vaping community know about vaping. *Understand what non-vapers know and understand about vaping. *Establish programs that will guide THRA in its communications. Help educate others about: […]

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