February 27, 2017

E-Cigarettes and “Dripping” Among High-School Youth | REBUTTAL

“Dripping” is conceptualized as “directly dripping e-liquids onto heated coils” and “vaporizing… e-liquid at high temperatures and then immediately inhaling the vapor that is produced.”1 This is wholly inconsistent with what “dripping” refers to in e-cigarette use. Dripping onto a hot coil would result in an unpleasant experience and certainly preclude producing thicker clouds of vapor or better flavour. Specifically, “dripping” means applying drops of liquid onto an atomizer to saturate its wick prior to the coil heating. If the wick isn’t saturated, the coil will burn the wick instead of vaporizing liquid, rendering any device unusable. It’s obvious that “dripping” prevents (rather than increases, as the Authors imply) the risk of exposing users to high levels of toxic thermal degradation by-products.

Source: E-Cigarettes and “Dripping” Among High-School Youth | Articles | Pediatrics

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