February 21, 2017

FDA deeming authority clarification act of 2017 HR1136

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FDA-CTP deeming authority clarification act of 2017 HR1136. Most important is the change in the grandfather date. Aug 8th 2016, will be the new grandfather date. This means you can use products registered before that date as examples for Substantial Equivalence (SE).

The battery standards they talk about arose from the public perception of vaping products. Prominent press is being sensationalized and that is all Congress is seeing. Stop giving them fuel. The FDA spent 2 1/2 years planning the deeming regulations and never addressed battery standards for vaping until very recently.

HR1136 is using this as a smack in the face to show the FDA they are not doing their job. Realistically battery standards are needed from a consumer standpoint for saftey reasons. Regulation of vapor products.

 Labels: stop plagiarizing…It’s killing our image in the eyes of legislators.

The CDC, FDA, et. al. say we are protecting youth. The Deeming Regs. banned sales to minors. So we all knew that. This bill says to limit advertising to adult mags, newspapers, etc. Face to face sales only. With exceptions… You can still buy online with correct authentication. B2B is still good. A new section will be made for vaping products but they will still be tobacco products. All this is good for the industry. Support it fully everyone from industry to consumer.

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