September 2, 2016

E-cigarettes a public health breakthrough 

We need to look at the totality of the science, as has the Royal College of Physicians. People who pick information to fit an ideological agenda rather than use facts to inform their opinions are a threat to health when they perpetuate smoking. Dr. Noseworthy fell into that trap. She cites two studies, claiming that formaldehyde and a chemical shown to cause respiratory disease are found in e-cigarette vapour, but missed the fact that both studies have been debunked. Yes, one can create formaldehyde by testing an e-cigarette at a setting so hot that consumers would not willingly inhale it, something no more credible than someone who claims bread is carcinogenic because they tested severely burnt toast. The same goes for those who claim to find a substance (diacetyl) that is a cause of respiratory disease without disclosing that cigarettes have 750 times the level, and that even in cigarettes it does not seem to be high enough to be a significant risk. Such people are ignoring the first rule of toxicology – that ‘the dose makes the poison’.

Source: E-cigarettes a public health breakthrough | Northumberland Today

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