July 27, 2016

China: Vaping’s secret weapon to battle the FDA e-cig regulations? – VAPES

In January 2016, China also helped create a vaping advocacy group called the Shenzhen Electronic Vaporizer Industry Association (SEVIA).  Members include vaping manufacturers like Kangertech, Innokin, Aspire, Joyetech, and Smok while the organization also invites all vendors to join regardless of their geographical location.

SEVIA supports the Cole-Bishop Amendment, essential legislation currently in the United States Congress that will reset the predicate date of the FDA e-cig regulations.  And SEVIA even provides financial support to several American-based advocacy groups, including the Right 2 Be Smoke-Free Coalition and the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA).

 The FDA e-cig regulations have definitely taken the American vaping industry by storm, but hope is not lost.  While America is well known for its bureaucratic red tape and a legislative process that moves at a snail’s pace, China has a reputation for taking the bull by the horns and getting things done.  Thankfully, China is on the side of the United States vaping industry and not the FDA.  Otherwise, we might really be in a world of trouble.(Related Article:  AUGUST 8 PROHIBITION & THE FDA E-CIG REGULATIONS: VAPING BRACES FOR ‘INDUSTRY FREEZE’)

Source: China: Vaping’s secret weapon to battle the FDA e-cig regulations? – VAPES

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