June 17, 2016

 Policy Maker Files Suit Against FDA 

Excerpt from the article- Larry Faircloth (a West Virginia delegate who has spent the last several months doing everything in his power to prevent the Governor of that state enacting sin taxes on life changing products) is suing the FDA

Read more suing the FDA regarding the release f Deeming Regulations on vaping:

According to their own calculations, the FDA’s deeming regulations of the electronic cigarette/vaping industry will destroy in excess of 99% of the current market.While the British Government is advising their citizenry to switch to vaping as a 95% less harmful alternative to smoking, the FDA has enacted a defacto ban — essentially handing a blossoming industry to the Tobacco giants that many millions of people are looking to escape.  The countdown clock has begun, by August 8th, 2016 all innovation in the industry will have ceased until such time as companies decide to part with millions of dollars or close their doors for good.

Source: Deeming Regulations For Vaping: Policy Maker Files Suit Against FDA | Guide To Vaping

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