Monthly Archives: May 2016

CASAA: FDA opportunities for action and update!

Here’s what you need to know Source: CASAA: FDA opportunities for action and update! A real petition that needs your participation: Del. Larry Faircloth (R-WV) has proven himself as a valuable and effective advocate for vapor products in West Virginia. Now, in the wake of the FDA deeming regulations, he […]

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 HR 2058 summary

Keller Heckman | The Cole-Bishop Amendment to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill Amending the Grandfather Date for “Deemed” Tobacco Products Passes House Committee – What Next? The Deeming Regulation, as proposed, would treat all deemed products in essentially the same manner as the currently regulated products under a one-size-fits-all regime, subjecting […]

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Satire Comedy about vaping points to real issues

Recently, both Portlandia and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee have done bits on the douchebaggery Bro-ham side of the vaping world. I’ve seen posts that were very dirisive, especially about Sam B’s piece on a vape expo. It’s made many earnest vape advocates upset. Personally, I am glad they were […]

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Watch BBC Horizon – E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace? | Vaping Post

Michael Mosley addressed his questions regarding e-cigarettes, the questions public asks about e-cigarettes, to several experts among which Dr Marcej Goniewicz and Dr Mark Travers (Roswell Park Cancer Institute, USA) or Dr David O’Reilly, who granted BBC access to the British American Tobacco scientific department that he is leading. Source: Watch BBC Horizon […]

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