September 21, 2015

eCigarettes: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown | Quit with Help

the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training found that although “Electronic cigarettes can reduce urges to smoke and can help smokers quit… these data are not as robust as those for licensed stop smoking medicines”.

Source: eCigarettes: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown | Quit with Help

Among several points of propaganda in this piece.

Gums, lozenges, patches, & sprays have NOT proven efficacious in quitting smoking tobacco. SNU’s have a higher rate of switching from the noxious chemicals created by use of burning tobacco products. By far the most cost effective and efficient nicotine delivery system is user controlled re-fillable, reusable personal vaping devices. Everything I wrote is backed by hard data. Go ahead and use the search box above. The satisfaction of the oral-hand-mouth experience is superior to the first Nicotine Replacement Therapies I noted.

And it doesn’t cost Medicare/Medicaid a penny when smokers make the transition partially or fully to PVD’s. NRT’s listed above are covered. Even subsidized, the NRT’s are little better than placebos in analysis.

Big Pharma doesn’t profit from smokers who choose a products besides theirs. As always, follow the money when FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt) are flaunted as fact.

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