March 25, 2015

Stmnts by ALA, ACS, AHA, et al.

Official statements | Anti-THR statements and efforts by American Lung Association & ACS, AHA, et al..

Courtesy of AntiTHR Lies

sample of a statement:

E-cigarettes have not been shown to be “safe” — in fact, they expose users to formaldehyde and other potentially hazardous chemicals. Public-health experts agree that more research is needed to understand the effects of e-cigarettes on their users and the nonusers around them.

Yet, a federally funded study released last year revealed that the popularity of e-cigarettes among teens is now higher than that of traditional cigarettes. This finding suggests what may be the biggest danger posed by e-cigarettes — that they are making smoking “cool” again among kids.

This much is clear: There is no reason for kids to use e-cigarettes. The Montgomery County bill, which was introduced by Councilwoman Nancy Floreen and approved unanimously, will discourage e-cigarette use and help to protect the health of our kids.

Steven Weiss, Kensington

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