March 1, 2015

ANTZ – Preemption-Framework-2012.pdf

So. Here’s the strategy the ANTZ have been using.
Not like we didn’t figure it out, but I thought we should read this anyway. Grassroots Change (Formerly ChangeLabs Solutions) has been involved in getting local municipalities to modify their anti-smoking ordinances across the State and the Nation.
Here’s the current push in Illinois:

Know(and learn from)your oppositionMake sure to identify the supporters of preemption to understand why they want toeliminate state or local authority. Because preemption can be unpopular, itsproponents may work behind the scenes. Be prepared to “shine a light” on theindustry lobbyists who are themost commonsupporters of preemption.Learn from observinglobbyists for industries that support preemption. They may havecloser relationships with elected officials and legislativeassistantsthan public healthadvocates, and therefore more accurate and timely information about amendmentsand the legislative process.If vested interests opposeanylegislation unless it includespreemption, ask: Why dothey want preemption so badly? If they represent an industry that believes it benefitsfrom weak health or safety regulations, what do they hope to gain by halting progressat the local and/or state level(s)

via TABLE ONE – Preemption-Framework-2012.pdf.

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