February 9, 2015

The war of FUD upon smokeless alternatives

The media campaign of misinformation to malign and kill off smokeless alternatives

<<Note: I didn’t bother with citations, since everything I mention is either right on this site or within a simple search with the search engine of your choice>>

[FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt]

Since at least 2013, a large array of NGO’s began a coordinated campaign across the country to approach city council members, legislators and other decision makers on thwarting the progress of the nascent vaping industry.

These activities are paid for by own own Government to Public Health entities. There are stipulations to certain Counties and States on access to funding with the proviso they spread the bogus information in the form of official public health publications.

Many of the people making these decisions do not know what they are deciding on. They don’t know how vaping works, who and what is involved and instead point to the false information generated by logrolling carefully culled data- and especially OPINIONS of data that often does not reflect the conclusions of said study.

Furthermore, the rush to prohibition is so well funded by those who have the most to lose if vaping remains in the picture since it has proved to be especially effective for lifelong smokers to cut back, quit and gradually lower the nic level by themselves.

Another big problem is the lack of support from vape vendors. Advocates like myself have committed our own resources to this issue. No “Big Tobacco”, no NGO’s, no support from official channels of any sort. So, the bug-a-boo about BT pulling dirty tricks is only a sliver of the picture. Cig-alikes that are available at convenience stores do not perform well and thus their use is down. Open systems where the user has control and flexibility with a reasonable learning curve is far more effective in replacing traditional cigarettes.

I am dismayed to say the least that California Legislators such as Mark Leno and Jackie Speier (to name only a couple!) have closed their minds to any empirical data that contradicts the data given to them by the pharmaceutical companies (big contributers) and NGO’s that get funding for these ineffective “Quit or Die” campaigns.

How do you get a committed smoker to quit? Give them something better.

WHY do we hang on to our cigarettes when everyone on the North American Continent has had the facts of how toxic, dirty, and shameful smoking? Because as adults, it is our choice. Period.

I am not alone when I say that nicotine plays a part in managing my stress. Since I switched completely to vaping, the desire for nicotine went from “desperation” (planning activities so that I can have the ability to smoke within a frame of time; intrusive thoughts) to “need” (while feeling the need for it, tolerating longer periods without it) to “want” it. I now have full control over many aspects of the experience which are not possible with the Quit Or Die method.

Now consumers have a far better choice: nicotine w/out the baggage of combusted tobacco leaves. Lab extracted and purified liquid nicotine. Big pharma uses it in their own products which to date, I haven’t seen much fuss about. If it were only the chemical itself, then there would be no need for all this fuss.

When has prohibition EVER worked?

Tell me, because the “Drug War” has escalated in violence and desperation. Prohibition of alcohol created violent criminals (gave birth to the Mafia), and criminals want the most bang for the buck in terms of volume. If you can’t drink beer and there’s only bootleg hard liquor, you drink the hard liquor. People taking pain medication not just for their physical pain but untreated psychological pain get cut off when they become addicted.

Boom. The Oxy train left the station. Can’t get/afford Oxy? Go for heroin.

I’m sure you get the gist: if a milder analgesic is not available, then street drugs are the next step.

I could go on quite a bit about the official stance on drug use and addiction and how it has increased the number of criminals, criminal acts and escalation of violence which is beyond barbaric at this time.

The lack of understanding and willful ignorance has brought us to this point.

The apathy and short-sightedness of vendors has brought us to this point.

Our choices now will indeed shape the future of smokeless alternatives.

Our legislators work for us, not JUST their contributor$ We need to hold their feet to the fire. Signing the oath of office is simply a piece of paper these days.

Wednesday, I look forward to the Mtg in Sac.

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