February 1, 2015

Vape Shops, Let’s Talk About Drugs | The Vaping Militia

by Alex Carlson


As someone who has been an over the road truck driver, I’m very aware of how our rights disappear when we are at work. If an officer asked to inspect my vehicle or identify myself, it was a requirement, along with a massive amount of paperwork that needed to be provided that not even I understood. They didn’t need a reason to pull me over or interrogate me. The law doesn’t work that way in this situation. The only personal space I had was protected by a 1/4 inch thick curtain. And, even that personal space was easily taken over if any 1 question I answered was inadequate. A search warrant is very easily and quickly obtained when a business is involved.

If you think the ecig industry is any different, you can bet this will be challenged soon. And, they’re not just trying to find out if you’ll sell to a minor. A few questions come to mind for me when I think of this problem in our industry.

via Vape Shops, Let’s Talk About Drugs | The Vaping Militia.

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