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moral crusades | Disrupted Physician

I know, here I am cherry-picking articles of bias, however this is a legitimate question/area of discussion. How to hold public health practitioners accountable for spreading false information to bias their clients. Yes, clients. I haven’t felt like a patient since I moved here. I happen to live in one […]

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Patch didn’t work? Use more – NYTimes 2004

If nicotine is so dangerous, why hasn’t there been a hew and cry about other the counter nicotine replacement therapies such as patches, nasal sprays, gums, and lozenges. Yes, I AM reinforcing my own belief here. Nicotine in and of itself IS NOT very addictive. Nor is it a carcinogen. […]

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Outreach to LGBT smokers

Opinion | A new approach to tobacco harm reduction [EXCERPT] According to a new study, the most effective method of cigarette cessation might be battery powered: The advent of e-cigarette technology offers a promising—albeit unconventional—approach to tobacco harm reduction. If you question the logic of “e-cigs” as a way to […]

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SoCal SFATA- Line In The Sand

E-cig bigwigs reveal plan to SILENCE health critics after raising $110,000 fightback fund in THREE HOURS – Mirror Online [excerpt] The electronic cigarette industry is preparing to launch a legal bid to silence critics who raise “misleading” health concerns about the safety of “vaping”. At a fundraising event in California […]

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The war of FUD upon smokeless alternatives

The media campaign of misinformation to malign and kill off smokeless alternatives <<Note: I didn’t bother with citations, since everything I mention is either right on this site or within a simple search with the search engine of your choice>> [FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt] Since at least 2013, a […]

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Nic receptors in the brain as theraputic targets

Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors as Therapeutic Targets: Emerging Frontiers in Basic Research and Clinical Science—Editorial Perspective.   My own experience is that nicotine calms me, helps me focus, stay focused and gives me the mental pause when my thoughts are running too fast or I just need to zone out for […]

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