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Take This Survey

Welcome to the nicotine and flavor preferences survey. It is my sincere desire for you to answer the survey completely and honestly. The purpose of the survey is to collect and aggregate data on the preferences of vapers with regard to flavor choices and nicotine levels. I sincerely appreciate your […]

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Rebuttal to the fallacy of linking vaping to smoking [excerpt] On December 27th, the Minneapolis Star Tribune published an article which incorrectly states that e-cigarette use is linked to uptake of conventional tobacco products. Unfortunately, we know that the majority of current published study indicates exactly the opposite – that vaping has either no impact on conventional tobacco use, or […]

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Big battles ahead over electronic cigarettes’ safety, regulation – San Francisco Chronicle

[excerpt] The industry group encouraged people who use vapor products to use common sense even in the absence of regulations — meaning, don’t vape on planes and other places where smoking is generally prohibited. But Didak said overly restrictive regulations may create unintended consequences.“If you over-regulate things and are too […]

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