January 31, 2015

Totally Wicked fights in the EU-ACSH

Here’s a prime example of a vendor walking the talk-walking across “the pond” even! THESE are the kind of vendors with INTEGRITY  that deserve your business.



While at least one tobacco company has lodged formal complaints based on narrow, market-based concerns (and Poland is attacking the proposal based on the ban it includes on menthol some years down the road), the only e-cig marketer-based litigation was undertaken last week by Totally Wicked, one of the biggest marketers in the UK (they also have a significant presence in the U.S.). Their brief is founded on numerous violations of the letter and spirit of two important EU treaties. Having been heard in the administrative court in the UK, permission was granted to move to the Court of Justice of the European Union; that hearing will take place in 2015.

via Totally Wicked e-vapor e-liquid company fights “city hall” in the EU – American Council on Science and Health (ACSH).

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