January 29, 2015

CA Dept of Public Health Chief R Chapman steps down

Isn’t it interesting that the CA Dept of Public Health had a backlog of 11K complaints against nursing homes that it failed to investigate, yet it’s employees had time and money, to produce the slick, 32 page anti-ecig report? I would think it wouldn’t be too hard to discredit something produced by an agency that ignored claims about seniors being beaten, starved, and generally mistreated across the state of CA. Gregory Conley



A scathing state audit in October found Public Health had a backlog of more than 11,000 open complaints about nursing homes and other long-term care facilities across California. Of those, 40 percent involved allegations that the problem had harmed or was likely to harm a resident. The auditor recommended the department improve its tracking of complaints, establish clear deadlines for investigations and increase monitoring of the district offices’ compliance with laws and policies.

Earlier this year, a news reports detailed a Los Angeles County audit that found hundreds of nursing home complaints there were inappropriately closed. Other cases were investigated, but the findings were downgraded, including five that involved patient deaths, according to auditors.

And in August, an outside consultant reportedly found that Public Health’s licensing and certification program suffered from a backlog, including investigations that dragged on too long.

via California public health chief Ronald Chapman to step down | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee.

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