December 4, 2014

Good News About E-Cigs Emerging


A study was released last month which collected aerosol emissions from e-cigarettes and exposed epithelial lung tissue to them in vitro i.e. in a petrie dish. They found that there was no meaningful toxic effect of these substances on lung tissue, giving further credence to the safety of vaping relative to cigarette smoking.*

In addition, in the last two months studies have emerged from Belgium, Italy, and the United States showing that e-cigarette use satisfies cravings and often leads to a reduction or elimination of cigarette smoking over time. Each study showed that vaping greatly increases the likelihood of smoking cessation, even in participants who had no interest in quitting prior to the study.

Smoking Rates Are Dropping

The CDC recently announced that smoking rates are the lowest they’ve been in 50 years. Youth smoking is also down, to a stunningly low 12.7 percent, even as e-cig use in adolescents increases slightly. Previous alarmist claims of e-cigarettes being a gateway to smoking are fading away as more and more people are exposing this as complete nonsense.

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