November 14, 2014

Snippets with context-CTP methods and practice


While the main stream is still at the early stages of general knowledge of vaping, many in the anti-smoking field  are actively fighting smoke free alternatives like my fave: Personal Vaping Devices.

Elected officials are passing judgement and making policy rules on a subject they are uniformed with. Ask your local or State Rep.s if they know:

1. The cancer-causing toxins and fumes come from the burning of leaf tobacco.

2. Nicotine itself is not a cancer-causing chemical. The usage is very similar to caffeine, not serious drugs licit or illicit.

3. Too much of ANYTHING is toxic.

4. The nicotine concentrate is a laboratory process to extract and purify the chemical and suspended often in either alcohol or PG for use.

5. Retail e-liquid has only a small amount if any of nicotine.


While still referred to as “e-cigarettes” the last couple of years have brought out models that regulate the watts and voltage, built-in safety features and more re-buildable atomizers for advanced users.

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