Monthly Archives: November 2014

Snippets with context-CTP methods and practice   While the main stream is still at the early stages of general knowledge of vaping, many in the anti-smoking field  are actively fighting smoke free alternatives like my fave: Personal Vaping Devices. Elected officials are passing judgement and making policy rules on a subject they are uniformed with. […]

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ACSH – More proof on the LACK of TOXINS [excerpt] ACSH’s Dr. Gil Ross had this perspective: “As more and more science on the lack of harm expected from e-cigs and their vapor come pouring in, it will — I hope — become harder and harder for those who mindlessly or corruptly oppose this lifesaving technology to participate […]

Read More How Can You Help? Donate to our Research Studies The E-Research Foundation is a not for profit organization formed to further advance the scientific study of electronic cigarettes, related products and their use. ERF launches at a point in time when ongoing verifiable research is essential for consumers, the […]

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