September 25, 2014

Allow use of electronic cigarettes to assess risk : Nature News & Comment

While this article doesn’t state anything significantly “new”, it does show that more mainstream media around the world is beginning to allow for discussion aside from named groups like ALA, AHA, ACS, Legacy Foundation et. al.


Unanticipated potential risks are being discovered and debated. Studies have shown that e-cigarette vapour includes various fine particulates, some of which are toxic; other research indicates that exposure levels are too low to be dangerous. More science will expand the evidence and the potential risks, but as complexities and questions emerge it will also increase, rather than reduce, the contradictions and uncertainties. The extraordinary difficulty of demonstrating the benefits of salt reduction, mammography, or various diets, for example, ought to serve as cautionary lessons. Given the millions who will die from smoking in the near future, does it make sense to spend years discovering, characterizing and debating ancillary risks of vaping that are almost certainly less serious than the known risks of smoking as a precondition for responsible policy-making? This is precaution?

via Allow use of electronic cigarettes to assess risk : Nature News & Comment.

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